Kaspersky Total Security 1 Device - 420 days Activation Code key

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Kaspersky Total Security 1 Device - 420 days, Activation Code key

Kaspersky Total Security 1 Device - 420 days, Activation Code key Activation Code - License Key



  • 32 BIT/64 BIT FOR 1 DEVICE 
  • Download Link from the official website
  • Full Notice sent by E-MAIL



As announced, Kaspersky Total Security inaugurates a new generation of security suites spearheaded by the Russian publisher. For a single computer or an entire home network, the protection is optimal and covers all areas of use: surfing, email, instant messaging, data security.

Kaspersky Total Security offers a comprehensive security suite that is even more complete than Kaspersky Internet Security. Kaspersky Total Security includes all the features of Kaspersky Internet Security (antivirus, firewall, antispam), plus an enhanced parental control module, backups, data encryption, system maintenance functions and a password manager.


Kaspersky Total security code activation

Kаspersky Total Security 2021 protects you effectively against viruses, malware and hackers and convinces with a clear interface. This guarantees simple operability. The privacy protection tools and payment protection secure your data. In contrast to Kaspersky Anti Virus and Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security 2021 contains additional premium functions that ensure comprehensive system protection. If necessary, all passwords can be safely managed by the security package. The passwords can be used across computers, mobile devices and computers via synchronization. The key, which you can buy cheaply online from our shop, also entitles you to use the Kaspersky security apps on smartphones and tablets.

Can be selected for 1 device with Windows, Mac and Android operating system Tried and tested, validity from the date of purchase for 365.

This product requires an internet connection and web access to this software for the latest download, up-to-date protection. When you register, this software is stored on your Kaspersky account, on a CD is neither required nor supplied. The license is activated WORDWIDE.


Kaspersky Total Security 1 Device - 420 days, Activation Code key


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